~ need help? ~

I made the image map as obvious as I could. But for those of you who can't seem to get it, I made this page, just in case! Most of them are glaringly obvious. But as I said, this is just to make it even more obvious.

The links are on the following areas.

Updates - the updates page on the top left.

Guestbook - the page that reads "comments" in the top right. Click the page to view; the pencil to sign.

Lea's Art - the artbook Lea is holding.

Aura's Art - the artbook Aura is holding.

Rhona's Art - the artbook Rhona is.. okay, you get that one now ^_^;;;

E-Mail Lea - the mailbox next to Lea's feet.

E-Mail Aura - the other mailbox!

Hope that explains it!

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