Aura Art

Aura is Steph's first character. She's a mystical warrior with a fun side. Latest pictures are at the top left.

Aura posing.  Aura's Happy New Year pic!    Aura at peace with the world...  Aura with a freaky aura!  Aura and Lea at school!  Aura and Leander!  Aura in freaky water  Aura with an aura...  Aura with a flaming tail.    Aura with Kai!  Aura looking spiritual  Aura with an Energy Ball  A really pretty portrait of Aura! The stars..... *_*  A really cool one of Aura laying down  Aura listening to some music  Aura, Leander's friend and opposite! Aura with a scary beam sword! (Dressed kinda like Yuri from Dirty Pair, I think ^_^)  

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