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The (apparently controversial!) homepage of Elly Sketchit, one of my best netpals!

Kas's site
The homepage of Kasumi Harrison, another one of my best netpals! ^_^
An excellent online anime shop. They do anime cels too, certain ones are at very reasonable prices, which is why i like them!

Trixie Turnpike!
If you're an anime fan and you haven't been to the Anime Web Turnpike... what are you, a freak? LOL Anyway, this place is second to none if you want to get links for any anime-related site. ^_^

Let It Burn
One of the nicest Rurouni Kenshin sites I've visited, with some great image galleries. AND she put some of my Kenshin fanart up, yay!
Devoted to the one of the best Rurouni Kenshin characters ever, that Mibu No Ookami, a.k.a Saitoh Hajime. Check him out at Tokio's shrine!

Fighters' Generation Fighting Game Character Page
This is the singlemost amazing page if you want pictures and info of ANY character from any fighting game you can think of!

Dirty Magic
So my parents are in a blues/rock band! Yes. Visit their site here. ^_^

The Offspring
Anyone with half a braincell knows I love them!

A Fire Inside (AFI)
Similar to above... I love AFI but many people have no idea who they are..visit here & find out!!

Oh, yes.
Glomp = anime-style hug. Hiko's my top fave, so I ain't complainin'! ^_~
Click on Hiko to get to the "Official Glompers" site.

Urd Badge made by.... me!
This is one of the silliest and yet also one of the most fun sites I've visited! Pocket Bishonen is based around the Pokemon idea... you "catch" bishounen (i.e. cute anime boys) and keep the little images to put on your site! Click here to see my Pocket Bishounen (yes, I actually have some originals too, lol!)

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