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Welcome to my Shenmue site! Yeah, I know it's mostly going to be about the rather nice Ren, but there will be some other character stuff here too, sometime soon. If it's all round Shenmue stuff you want, you should drop by my friend's site, The Dragon And The Phoenix. There's lots of stuff there, as well as a Ryo shrine and a Nozomi shrine (and naturally, a Ryo and Nozomi shrine ^_^). If you like Ryo better than Ren, you really SHOULD go to her site since she's a Ryo-obsessive as opposed to a Ren-obsessive! ^_^

UPDATE: Sunday, 23 June 2002 - OK, this is just a move to this new address. Not sure what else I might be adding about Ren, but hopefully I will get some fanart of him done, as well as some other random things ^_^ P.S. Let me know if any links are broken, please !

Ren's Profile This includes a lovely big high quality scan of Ren.

Ren's Pictures A total of 63 pictures of Ren so far, hopefully with more to come.

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