Leander Revisited

Author Notes: Tasuki and Kouji, from Fushigi Yuugi appear throughout this story. Click here for Leander artwork!
"Sakabatou" – the reverse-bladed sword Kenshin carries to atone for his killing as the legendary manslayer, the Hitokiri Battousai.

Chapter 4: so far so good??


Leander watched the redheaded man curiously. Would the legendary Hitokiri Battousai really say "oro"?!

The young boy, Myoujin Yahiko, spoke up. "I know what you’re thinking, Lea. But Kenshin is Kenshin now. Not the Hitokiri Battousai he once was."

"Really?" Leander looked abashed. "I guess the books left that bit out. They say you became a Rurouni, but they don’t mention that you discarded your Hitokiri title so vehemently."

Kouji picked at his teeth. "I’d be proud to have a big-shot title like that."

Kenshin suddenly looked serious. "Well, you can have it, if you really want," he said in his mellow voice. "I honestly don’t care any more." He ruffled the young boy’s hair. "All that matters to me now is protecting those I love!"

"Ah, Kenshin, quit the sloppy stuff, willya!" said Yahiko, grinning.

The purple vamp looked thoughtful. "So that’s what they meant when they said you carried a Sakabatou."

"Oro?" That word came from the scarred man’s lips again. "Who’s ‘they’?"

Leander smiled. "The history books."

Yahiko rolled his eyes. "What a weird hag you are!"

The vamp grinned. "I heard you were an obnoxious brat from the history books, too." She cackled insanely.

"Why, you! Who wrote those books?!?" Yahiko looked very peeved.

Kenshin smiled, in that innocent way of his. "I expect Kaoru-dono wrote that!"

Leander looked serious again. "But I really mean this. I read about you, Himura-dono, in my history reference books. And even young Myoujin Yahiko-chan…" - she stopped at Yahiko’s furious face – "er, Yahiko-kun."

Tasuki grinned. "Ya really think we’d make this shit up? Too weird to invent, right?"

Yahiko looked to one side. "Well, that is true."

Kenshin looked towards the setting sun. "I think we’d better be getting back, we had. It’s getting dark already, Leander-dono."

The young boy grimaced. "You really think Kaoru is gonna be cool with you taking these foreigners back with us?!"

Kenshin smiled. "I think she will come to accept it, Yahiko."

Leander shrugged. "Well, if you say so, Himura-dono…"


"Kaoru, I’m home!"

Kaoru perked up as she heard Kenshin’s mellow voice come through the door. Finally, he’s back! She subconsciously primped her hair and dusted off her kimono, and dashed through the entrance to the Dojo.

"Kenshin, what took you so lon…g… ack?!?!"

Yahiko couldn’t suppress a grin. The expression on Kaoru’s face was a picture. Although she was a pretty girl with long blue-purple hair, and sparkling purple eyes, nothing could disguise the sheer horror on Kaoru’s face as she laid eyes on the odd trio with Yahiko and Kenshin… especially the purple demonic apparition!

"Oniaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!" Kaoru screamed, and grabbed her wooden sword. "How dare you violate the dojo of Kamiya Kasshin Ryu!"

Leander wore a silly grin, her hand up in a rather English half-wave. "Err… hi?"

"Oro…" Kenshin tried to step between them. "Kaoru, she’s a friend, she is!"

"Yeah!" Yahiko added. "Even if she does look a bit like a demon!"

Leander stood absorbing the insults and grinned half-heartedly. "Uhh… Himura-dono, mind if you introduce us?"

Tasuki studied Kaoru for a little while, then a look of horror crossed his face. "YECH! It’s a girl!!!!"

Kaoru swatted the fangboy on the head with her wooden sword. "Thanks for noticing, moron! Haven’t you noticed your oni companion is a girl too?"

The redheaded fangboy looked up at Kaoru with a blank expression. "But Leander is… she’s just… Lea’s just Lea!" He looked at Leander and winked.

Kouji grinned. "You don’t get any better, Tasuki-kun."

"Ah, shut up."

Kenshin stood observing this, wearing his silly smile. "Er, Kaoru-dono, may I introduce 3 people from the future…" He gestured at the purple vamp. "This is Leander," he gestured at the blue-head, "this is Kouji," and he pointed at Tasuki last. "and I am still not sure what that is."

Yahiko laughed, and Tasuki shouted in Kenshin’s ear. "OI! You know who I am! I’m Tasuki, ya moron!"

"Oro……!" Kenshin grabbed his ear. "That hurts, it does!"

Kaoru smiled good-naturedly. "So, er, Kenshin… these people are from the future."

"Yes, they are."

Kaoru’s smile cracked a little. "And you believe them?"

"Hey!" the purple vamp shouted. "How the bloody hell do you think I’m here, then? I just put on a bunch of purple make up and some yellow contacts? Use your brain, girl!"

Kouji looked pained. "As usual, she’s as subtle as a ton of bricks.."

Yahiko nudged Kouji. "She reminds me of a guy we have around here, actually. I’m gonna go get him!" He dashed off around the back of the dojo.

However, Tasuki cackled. "Fight! Fight!"

To Kenshin’s absolute surprise, Kaoru didn’t continue to argue, instead saying "Yes, that makes sense. So come and explain to everyone how you got here!!"

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